Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy employs stimulation of specific locations (acupuncture points) on the ear to promote healing.  Each location corresponds to a different organ, body part or function. The ear holds a microsystem of the body therefore the whole body can be treated through the ear.  Every part of the body has an auricular correspondence and is usually not apparent in a healthy person.

‚ÄčGenerally, it is only when a part of the body becomes imbalanced that its point of projection in the ear becomes painful and detectable.  Through a reflex mechanism, the corresponding area is rebalanced when its point is correctly stimulated.  It is very effective in alleviating pain and other symptoms.  

When an auricular point on the ear is "active" it expresses as increased tenderness on stimulation and a higher electrical conductivity.  This indicates pathology in the corresponding body tissue or function and makes auricular therapy a useful form of assessment and treatment of ailments such as migraine, insomnia, depression, addictions, indigestion and most conditions of pain and inflammation.

Some patients feel immediately relieved, others need several days before they notice an improvement.  Almost all feel very relaxed.